Research Projects

  • PCPMer is a software tool for automatic motif detections of a protein family and identifications of related family members in protein sequence databases. (Bin Zhou, Venkatarajan Mathura, Petr Danecek, Catherine H. Schein and Werner Braun).
  • Structural Biology of Allergens: Investigations regarding sequence and structural determinants of allergenicity, allergens motifs, and database mining for the identification of potential allergens (Ovidiu Ivanciuc, Surendra Negi, Catherine H. Schein, Terumi Midoro-Horiuti, Randall M. Goldblum, Edward G. Brooks, Werner Braun) 
  • DNA Repair: Molecular recognition of DNA damage sites by apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases (Catherine H. Schein, Numan Oezguen, Tadehide Izumi, David Power, Werner Braun)
  • FANTOM: software for efficient molecular modeling of proteins in torsional angle space
    (Kizhake Soman and Werner Braun).
  • NOAH/DIAMOD, a suit of programs have been developed for automated 2D or 3D protein NOESY spectrum assignment and 3D structure determination (Numan Oezguen, Catherine H. Schein and Werner Braun).
  • MPACK, Homology Modeling : ( Venkatarajan Mathura, Surendra Negi, Numan Oezguen and Werner Braun).
  • MASIA/DIAMOD development: An expert system which combines Self-Correcting Distance Geometry calculations with a pattern recognition algorithm to model 3D structures of protein
    (Catherine H. Schein and Werner Braun).
  • Motif and Molego Analysis Project: Developing a GUI-interfaced program to search for consistent patterns in multiple aligned sequences. (Surendra Negi, Catherine H. Schein and Werner Braun).
  • Bacillus anthracis Project: Sequence decomposition of the 3 toxins of B. anthracis is used to: identify conserved residues and likely interacting protein sites, yield conserved functional areas that differ from mammalian proteins with similar activities and to guide design of novel inhibitors to 1) complex formation and 2) catalytic activities
    (Deliang Chen, Catherine H. Schein, Johnny W. Peterson and Werner Braun).