How to get source code and documentation

FANTOM/EXDIS is a free software package for academic users, if used for the purpose of scientific research. "Free" means we do not charge a fee for obtaining the program, but it is still copyrighted software and we require signing a license agreement. A free demo version of FANTOM is available for commercial users. Contact Dr. Werner Braun to inquire about it.
Follow these steps to obtain FANTOM:

  1. Contact Dr. Werner Braun by e-mail ( ), or phone (409-747-6810), or fax (409-747-6000) and get the 'password' for the .crypt file.
  2. Get Fantom.tar.gpg by clicking here.
  3. Save as Fantom.tar.gpg into your home directory.
  4. Unpack on your machine:
  5.         gpg Fantom.tar.gpg
    ---> It will ask you for the password
    tar -xvf Fantom.tar

    This generates a directory "your_home_directory/FANTOM4.2" and the
    following subdirectories:

    /source containing the source code
    /library containing the library files
    /doc manual (postscript file)
    /ex* examples

P.S. Steps 1-4 above are the only legal way to obtain FANTOM. We do not have any anonymous ftp servers here distributing the program; please do not try to get it this way. Network connections to all our ports are very closely monitored and recorded.